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Originally Posted by Safina View Post

I am trying to figure out the difference in construction between Yonex and other racquets.
The Yonex RDS001 mid feels so "solid", you don't really need a dampener.
I also notice Yonex doesn't really have a "trap door".

1. Do they have hollow handles like Babolat Pure Drive or Head Instinct, or is it solid material, or is it hollow but filled with foam or other substance?

2. Anyone have a picture of a Yonex RDS without the buttcap on?

Safina, the "solid" feel doesnt really have much to do with the trap door. every player's racket that i've dealt with had foam filled handles, which would have a lot to do with dampening the vibration, but i found some rackets to be more jarring (and solid) than others even in similar weight ranges. a solid handle would make the grip incredibly heavy and incredibly headlight in relation to the head, which is hollow.
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