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I captained a 2.5 team of total noobs. The next season, I played on someone else's 3.0 team. I didn't like it, so I captained a 5.5 combo team in the fall and then a 6.5 team for the winter. Now I'm captaining a 3.0 team.

I'm one of those people who just needs to be the captain, I guess. When I am on other people's teams, I sometimes find myself wondering what on earth is happening. It's unclear what the team policies are, how and why decisions are made, etc. It's frustrating, so I captain.

I have found captaining not to be too difficult if you have decent people skills. I try to be fair and clear, and the rest tends to work itself out. No drama so far.

The hardest part is dealing with players who "lobby" me for this or that partner because they want to play with a strong partner. I'm not a fan of putting weak players with strong ones, and I think this approach doesn't win me any fans among the weaker players. Hey, everybody can't play with the star player, right?

The other thing I am noticing is that some of my veteran players are struggling with the idea that they need to be the leaders of their doubles team. They need to get more aggressive, carry their partners more, encourage their partners, position perfectly. The veterans on my team are good enough to win more, I think, but they need to get out of their comfort zone (read: baseline) and make things happen.

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