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Talking I was at the Agassi-Rios match

Hello everyone!
I'm new at this forum and I just wanted to tell you about the exhibition match Agassi played against Rios in Chile a couple of weeks ago.
I'm a big fan of Andre and as soon as I found out that he was coming south I was determined: I had to see him! So off I went and I was able to see the match. By the way, I'm a big fan of tennis but I never saw a tennis match on a tennis court before, and to watch Andre play it was a dream come true for me! When he went to the center of the court and did his usual "bows and kisses" I just couldn't believe it!
The people at the stadium rooted for Rios all the time and almost nobody applauded Andre's points. I think this was rather rude, since ot was an exhibition match.
Rios serve was extremely weak, and Andre's, on the other hand, was very powerful. Someone stated that he was overweighted but that's just not true. His tennis was almost as good as it was last year, and I think he felt his bad back in the third set, but he managed to deliver some excellent plays.
In the end, rios won the match, but I suspect it was arranged that way, after all it was Rios' playing in his country for the first time in a long time.
I anjoyed the match a lot and had a happy return to Argentina.
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