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Originally Posted by federerfanatic View Post
Court's 3 retirements each came when she was dominating the game. Graf's retirement came when she had won 1 out of the last 7 grand slams she played over almost 3 years, missing 4 others with injuries. How you think she was going to rebound at that point to win another 4-6 slams over the next 5 years, as she only got older, and the Williams sisters took the game to a higher level then it was during the Hingis reign, I can only imagine.

The Williams sisters took the game to higher level ....?
What about checking against which journeywomen the Willies lost in 2000-04 before posting BS like that in a public internet forum?

Graf had overtaken the Willies in the rankings in summer of 1999. She had made 2 of the last 2 slam finals. Of course she would have become older, she would have been 30-34 in 2000-04.

But Navratilova made 7 slam finals at age 30-34, won 3 of the them, lost 4 against a young Graf - against the greatest player of all time.

So Graf would have been able to make AT LEAST 7 slam finals in 2000-04, IMO.
And she would have won more than just 3 of them.
26-28 slams is a quite reasonable estimate.

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