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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
The Williams sisters took the game to higher level ....?
What about checking against which journeywomen the Willies lost in 2000-04 before posting BS like that in a public internet forum?
Venus was nearly unbeatable on fast courts in 2000 and 2001. Those journeywomen losses you are talking about are probably on slow courts, since she did not do that well on slow courts either year, but was dominant from Wimbledon-U.S Open both years. Venus in 1999 was usually losing to Hingis and Davenport, from 2000-2003 she was owning both.

Serena in 2002 and 2003 was on another planet from Serena in 1999. Serena in 1999 was still losing multiple times to a player like Sandrine Testud.

Graf had overtaken the Willies in the rankings in summer of 1999.
Hingis and Davenport were over the Williams too in 1999. Despite the rankings Venus had clearly overtaken Hingis and Davenport by the end of 2000, and Serena and Venus were the 2 dominant players in 2002-2003 playing in 5 out of 6 slam finals in slam events both were in. So they had much progression left after 1999.

But Navratilova made 7 slam finals at age 30-34, won 3 of the them, lost 4 against a young Graf - against the greatest player of all time.
Navratilova was not dealing with all the injuries Graf already was from ages 27-30.

So Graf would have been able to make AT LEAST 7 slam finals in 2000-04, IMO.

And she would have won more than just 3 of them.
26-28 slams is a quite reasonable estimate.
If she really felt that way why would she not have continued? I doubt she felt the same way you do, if she really felt all the records she was pretty close to were within grasp she would have continued. After all she has always been centred on winning and tennis, and admited to having a one-track vision at the time.
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