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Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
I'm always suspicious about "reality" shows, because people will do anything for fame and money (even millionaires want more of it). I'd have to see a close-up of the injury, in order to believe it's true... And, if it's true, what the heck were they doing holding, hands while playing tennis???!!! Stupid.
Right - Oprah Winfrey and Andre Agassi - two people who NEVER do anything charitable - you have good reason to be suspicious of THOSE TWO. And, of course Andre's only doing it for the fame and money... And of course they discussed it before hand and Steffi - being such a good sport - agreed to be hit in the mouth and get stitches, cause it'll make "great tv".
Of course, that's if she even needed stitches...maybe the doctor was persuaded to give her 3 stitches because it would make a better story.

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