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Originally Posted by federerfanatic View Post
Venus was nearly unbeatable on fast courts in 2000 and 2001. Those journeywomen losses you are talking about are probably on slow courts, since she did not do that well on slow courts either year, but was dominant from Wimbledon-U.S Open both years. Venus in 1999 was usually losing to Hingis and Davenport, from 2000-2003 she was owning both.

Serena in 2002 and 2003 was on another planet from Serena in 1999. Serena in 1999 was still losing multiple times to a player like Sandrine Testud. ....
Venus played 16 tournaments on fast courts in 00/01 and won 13.
But she lost to Davenport, Shaughnessy and Maggie Maleeva.
2 journeywomen (players who never made a slam final).

And she played 7 tournaments on slow courts, won only 1.
Losses to Coetzer, Dokic, Sanchez, Hingis, Henin, Schett.
3 journeywomen.

And that in her TWO BEST years EVER. 5 journeywomen.

Graf lost to 5 journeywomen in a ELEVEN-year time frame (1986-96).
Just to put things a little bit into perspective ...

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