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Default Red Clay in Allentown

Originally Posted by hexykerr View Post
The ones I am definite about are on Allen Street between 20th and 24th(?). I can't remember the exact location but it is right near there. I will post the exact location after the next time I drive by, probably this week. The other courts are off of 7th street / MacArthur Rd. in what looks like a public park. I am not a sure about these because the courts are pretty far off the road. I will update when I get a better look and see if they are used this summer. I don't know anything about how they are maintained, etc. However the Allen street courts are maintained and played on frequently.
The courts off of 7th Street are part of Jordan Park, a City of Allentown park. According to the city's website, permits to play on these courts can be obtained at the courts ( I heard a rumor that the courts will not be opening this year, but I can't confirm this.

The courts along Allen Street (at 21st & Allen) belong to the private Oakmont Tennis Club ( of which I am a member. The club isn't yet open for the season but it should be open later this month. Memberships applications for the season are currently being accepted (the application and relevant info is on the website). Let me know if you want more info or if you want to hit.

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