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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
Venus played 16 tournaments on fast courts in 00/01 and won 13.
But she lost to Davenport, Shaughnessy and Maggie Maleeva.
2 journeywomen (players who never made a slam final).

And she played 7 tournaments on slow courts, won only 1.
Losses to Coetzer, Dokic, Sanchez, Hingis, Henin, Schett.
3 journeywomen.

And that in her TWO BEST years EVER. 5 journeywomen.

Graf lost to 5 journeywomen in a ELEVEN-year time frame (1986-96).
Just to put things a little bit into perspective ...

I am not comparing Venus in her prime to Graf in her prime, which is meaningless to Graf's chances to win slam titles in 2000-2004. Graf in 2000-2004 would not have been in her "prime", she wasnt even in her prime by 1999, so that argument is is irrelevant.

I am comparing Venus of 2000-2003 to Venus of 1999, since you basicaly implied she was exactly the same which is nonsense. Venus went 2-2 vs Graf in 1999, Serena went 1-1 and both were 3 setters-the win and the loss. So the Williams and Graf were virtualy equal as far as a head to head matchup by 1999 already. Venus from 2000-2003 was much better then 1999, which was my point, and Serena in 2002-2003 was also much better then 1999. Graf would not have gotten better from 1999, the best she could have done at her age is stay the same, but more likely would have gotten worse. The Williams were already playing her equal in 1999, she would have had a very hard time beating them for slam titles in future years at that point.

I have an idea for you. Why dont you try putting a poll in the general tennis discussion forum. List options for how many slams Graf would have won had she played another 5 years after she retired, and give options from a low of 0, to a higher of 9 or more. See how it turns out.

You point out Venus won 13 of her 16 "fast surface" events in 2000-2001. That alone proves how much better she was then in 1999. Compare that to how many of her "fast surface" events she won in 1998-1999 combined. Also compare her head to heads with Hingis and Davenport in 98-99, to what they were in 2000-2001.

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