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Originally Posted by penpal View Post
That's interesting Raiden. I believe you're probably correct, though I also think something is a little askew with the current system if players are essentially required to play above their level in order to get bumped.

FWIW, and for all those who consider me a sandbagger, for most of the past six years I honestly thought I was doing the proper thing by playing at my rated level. I've seen several players play above their level, and more often than not they get beaten badly and don't provide good competition at the higher level. I assumed most of them had also done well at their rated level and they each probably thought they were ready to play up. I didn't want to jump ahead of myself and dilute the competition at the higher level.

Anyway, lots of good feedback in this thread. Though I guess I haven't offered a good enough defense for the (presumed) sandbagger for some
The too much data also works the opposite way too.

What's really bad is there are some players who have too much data sticking them to a particular level, and they can't move down. So the newer players (with less data) get moved up, despite the other player losing some abilities due to injury, loss of mobility, etc.
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