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Originally Posted by federerfanatic View Post
I am not comparing Venus in her prime to Graf in her prime, which is meaningless to Graf's chances to win slam titles in 2000-2004. Graf in 2000-2004 would not have been in her "prime", she wasnt even in her prime by 1999, so that argument is is irrelevant.

I am comparing Venus of 2000-2003 to Venus of 1999, since you basicaly implied she was exactly the same which is nonsense. ....
In 2000-03 Graf was gone and Davenport & Hingis slumped or were injured most of the time. Take away all Graf/Davenport/Hingis matches and Venus has the same winning percentage in 1999 as in 2000/03.

Graf would not have dominated in 2000/04 but she would have won a slam here and there. 4-6 more slams in 5 years would have been easily possible.

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