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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
The opposition in those years was an absolute joke.
Let's have a look at whom Navratilova beat in the slams in 1983/84 (she won 6 of 8 ).

FO 83: Lost in 3rd round against Horvath.
Wim 83: beat 3rd seed Jaeger in final.
USO 83: beat 5th seed Shriver and in the final Evert.
AO 83: beat 3rd seed Shriver and in the final 9th seed K. Jordan.
FO 84: beat 4th seed Mandlikova and in the final Evert.
Wim 84: beat 6th seed Jordan and Evert.
USO 84: beat 13th seed Turnbull (31) and Evert.
AO 84: lost to 9th seed Sukova.

Evert was a legit opponent but the rest were absolute clowns.
We don't even talk about Jordan, Jaeger and Turnbull.
Leaves us with Mandlikova and Shriver who were #3 and #4 in the world at that time.

Shriver and Mandlikova were still young (mid-20ies) at the end of the 80ies when they ran into Steffi Graf.

At age 16 Graf played Hana for the first time (in 1986 at Hilton Head) and beat her easily 6-2 6-4. Some weeks later she lost to her in 3 sets at FO 86 while having a severe cold. After that Steffi won against Hana 6-3 6-4 (Amelia Island 1987), 6-4 6-1 (FedCup 1987), 6-2 6-2 (Zurich 1987), 6-2 6-2 (AO 1988 ), 7-6 6-3 (San Antonio 1989), 6-3 6-4 (Amelia Island 1989) and 6-0 6-1 (Mahwah 1989).
So in 1987-89 peak Graf played a 25-27-year-old Hana Mandlikova 7 times.
She won all 7 matches and all 14 sets. The average result was 6-3 6-2.

Steffi had just turned 16 when she played her first match against Shriver at Wimbledon 1985, losing in a tight 3-setter. 2 months later she beat Pam at USO but lost again in Filderstadt. At the beginning of 1986 - still being 16 - she beat Shriver in a 3-setter at the Masters. So they were even (2-2 H2H) but 16-year-old Steffi had overtaken 23-year-old Pam in the rankings in the meanwhile.
Peaking Steffi played Shriver 3 times in slams in 1987/88 with an average result of 6-2 6-2.

So much about Hana and Pam, Navratilova/Evert's main opponents of the mid-80ies ...


This must be the Graf troll that I keep seeing references to. What a total lack of respect for Mandlikova and Shriver. Hana only won 4 grand slams and is a member of the Hall of Fame. I can only hope that "Condi" is as successful in whatever it is she does for a living.
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