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Originally Posted by grizzly4life View Post
i don't understand the comment about evert raising her game. did she ever become semi-competitive with martina? my vague sense was it got worse, much much worse at times.

The head to head between Evert and Navratilova stands at 43-37 in Martina's favor. Who else besides Evert could have beaten Martina 37 times?!? Before a comment is made, I am taking into account that Evert OWNED Martina during most of the 70's, and then she had MAJOR trouble with Martina for almost 3 years in the 80's when she couldn't beat her 13 straight times. Chris was then able to not only start beating Martina again in 1985, she also took back the #1 ranking for 1/2 that year as well. Not bad for someone who was already in her 30s at the time. As for her raising her game, she herself has admitted that she was a better player in the 80's than she was when she was #1 in the 70's. She worked on her serve a bit, got much fitter which made her more fleet of foot and allowed her to hit with a bit more power and she also worked on coming to the net a bit as well.
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