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Originally Posted by AndrewD View Post
The point I was making was that your post was a complete and utter fabrication.Please explain to us why you did that as, otherwise, I see very little point in trying to inform you of anything. If you're willing to lie to justify your (false) claims, why would I believe you're capable of accepting genuine facts that don't suit you ?
Andrew I have always made reference to Margaret Court also, but as usual, these people simply dont want to believe history , and are always trying to change it..

I always say to everyone. You cant bag Margaret Court for being so good, and thats exactly what it comes down to.

History is history. Its just sad some people want to change it to suit their particular argument.. Margaret Court was, and always will be, the greatest tennis player to ever live!!

Dont believe me.. Then go count her name on all 4 trophies!
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