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Default Pro Kennex Ki-5, 5Gs & Hex 16L strings for trade

Ki-5 4 5/8 built up to 4 3/4 9.9/10 condition will trade for Ki-5 PSE in 4 5/8.

3 x 5G racquets 8/10 condition 4 1/2 built up to 4 3/4 will trade for 3 x 5G PSEs (1 for 1) or all 3 for 2 Ki-5 PSEs.

40-50 sets of Hex strings (hexagonal section, comparing to the traditional round cross-section, puts a lot more spin on the ball). 16L X 38' sets. Will trade for PSEs (either Ki-5 PSE or 5G PSE) or will "beef-up" my side of the trade if PSEs are in better condition than my 5Gs.

I will take 4 1/2 or 4 5/8 PSEs ONLY. I could remove the shrink-sleeves from my racquets if requested.

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