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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
By telling the truth about Hana Mandlikova?
Please explain.

BTW, Mandlikova won 514 and lost 181 matches.
Novotna was 526-208.
Almost the same - but Jana didn't play in an era where Jaeger and Shriver types could get to #3 and #4 ....


There's THE truth and then there's your truth. I think people have figured out by now the difference between the two............

Your lack of respect of a player of calibur of Mandlikova says a lot about you. And I'm confused as to why you would be so unkind Shriver. She did, after all, beat Steffi in New York during the year of her Golden Slam. Earlier that same year, she stretched Steffi to 7-6 in the third in Boca Raton.

I don't care to get into disparaging Jana or any other player. I'll leave that up to you. But without a doubt 1993-1999 will go down as the weakest time in womens tennis history. The actions of a madman in Hamburg, Germany made sure of that.

Really, you should've gotten some new material over the last couple of years. Your twisting of facts, incessant misuse of stats and context, and your taste for your own special Graf-tinted brand of revisionist history are as weak and transparent today as ever.
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