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Originally Posted by scez View Post
Drak, I have been told you took 100+ pics, we better see them all or oscar will go back to his aeropro.
Well, we don't want that too happen do we. Hope you like his service photos.

Originally Posted by Fedace View Post
Exactly about what level are these guys? i suppose from florida rating stand point.
Everyone played in the intermediate group except me. I would guess the intermediate group for this tourney was 4.0-4.5>>>> with the higher guys in that group being 4.5.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
Nice photos.

Hmm probably could do an AZ edition. I am pretty sure there are 3-5 of us on the board.
We were all talking about this very thing. Doesn't seem like there are many people on the boards who meet up to play, although they are from the same area. I would definitely recommend it. It was a great experience and we got some hitting partners out of it.
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