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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
'Most dominant Grand Slam win'

This is a misuse of the term 'Grand Slam'.

As for
Originally Posted by avmoghe
What exactly is your rationale for calling his usage "wrong"? Who do you think makes the "official" meaning of the term "Grand Slam"?

The answer to your questions are:
History is irrelevant - language and sports all evolve through time. The fact remains. Read the ATP rulebook on their website - the four majors are called "Grand Slams" - and as such the OP using the term "Grand Slam win" is perfectly fine. (In fact, if you search around in the PDF, you'll see the usage of the term 'Grand Slam winner' in the exact same way that the OP used it)

If you want to start some sort of foolish crusade to revert back to the historical meaning of the word, fine. Nobody cares about it - nor do we appreciate the irrelevant spam. We are using the terms the ATP uses in their own rulebook, and there's nothing wrong with it since neither nostologia nor pedanticism are dear to us.

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