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Hi Kirill,

Good to see you're still posting. Thanks for the update. I hope you have a good tournament and good luck with the blog as well.

Actually I was wondering about something: what racquets do you all use? What's popular out there in Spain with you academy players? What's your choice, Kiril? Or are you just all sponsored and therefore are happy to use whateveer you are given? As you can see, I'm a bit of a racquet obssessive! But I'm interested in the whole issue of racquets and what aspiring pro's like yourselves are using. By the way, any personal details like what racquets you personally like and the qualities you look for, as well as what weight you like, do you lead it up (and if so where and how much lead tape) - etc? And what racquets would you recommend for 4.0 baseline players (2hbh, consistent if not very strong serve)... anyway, enough of the questions for now...

Cheers amigo... have fun!
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