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Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
Language doesn't 'evolve' nearly so much as people become lazy and language disintegrates around this laziness.
If you wish to defend this practice, go ahead - but you won't ever convince me that you're right.

Laziness breeds the low standards that you support.

"History is irrelevant"
Well, this explains your perspective - and your support of low standards.

"Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it."
Nice way to distort what I said. I said History was irrelevant to determining whether a word is used correctly today - I never used History was irrelevant for anything else. The quote you have there has absolutely nothing with the current context.

The fact of the matter is language changes due to natural evolution of vocabulary over time, technology, and even laziness. Change is not necessarily accepting a low standard - they are after all just a sequence of characters used to represent some concept.

What is idiotic is trying to tell someone they are using the wrong term when the bloody ATP uses it to describe its own tournaments. The change has been accepted by the most important organization in professional tennis and virtually everyone else, and posters usage of it has nothing to do with their own laziness.

Go talk to the ATP and call them lazy if you want - just dont troll and ask us to share your nostologia. Hell, had you tried to pick on the OP's lack of punctuation, you might have made a better point.

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