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Originally Posted by SoBad View Post
Oh c'mon, Norfolk, VA counts as mid-atlantic, even if you're deep underground in a bunker.
Never been there, but maybe I'll stop into your hair style and aesthetic salon one day to see how you're coming along-not that there's anything wrong with being a hairdresser...

Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
yea of course. just email me your credit card number and other identifying info so we can run a background check on you where were you born and where are you now?
The number is on its way-though I can't guarantee that you won't be arrested for using it. PA is "home", and Asia is where I'm at now.
"Why don't you get off your *** and get me a COKE!"

--Tim Henman as barked to a ball boy on a changeover, during his annual Wimbledon meltdown, 2005.
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