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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
You can't find this on the Web.

I would suggest buying as many older matches as you can & just jot down stats when they flash on-screen. Otherwise there is no way to find this stuff out, maybe look up the NY Times from the 80s/90s the day after the US Open finals.

I have a ton of matches, magazines, newspapers over the years that have match stats buried away in them, too bad no one has bothered tracking them(the atp really is a weak source, even their recent updated archive doens't include winners, errors)

here are the stats from the '84 Wimbledon final:
Yes,, this is what I started doing lately, buying old matches and jotting down stats as they're displayed or mentioned. It's worthwhile but sometimes tedious, which is what made me wonder where else I could find these things. No sense in doing so much work if it's already been done.

Maybe the ATP site will someday provide stats for older matches. Don't know if they have staff collecting stats, or what.

An example of how fascinating this can be: I just saw Pat Cash's defeat of Mikael Pernfors from two sets down in the 1986 Davis Cup final. Pernfors struck so many winners, it seemed he had more than Cash, which is counter-intuitive and remarkable if true. Regardless, he hit so many that his number of winners would be interesting to have. But there were very few stat graphics displayed on that match.
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