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Thumbs up all systems go!

well within the last few hours looks like everyone is signing up! i want to thank all of you for replying and expressing interest. apparently some of you already know each other, so you guys have got the connections, not i haha.

as of now i would like to shoot for monday since i will be in vienna then(i live in MD) and can hit around after work at 6;30ish. for those of you who like to do monday drop me an email and we can decide on exact logistics. for those who cant do monday, i will be sending out a Chapter email probably tomorrow or sunday and we can all vote on days and times,etc. I am super excited guys!

edit: actually, as soon as i get everyone email i will try to set up the listserv. start practicing! i would like to meet next week, so try to free up a day (and cancel raquetball as needed )
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