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Hey, you post pretty interesting questions about the rackets.
Ok Ö the most popular here is WILSON. So many people are playing Wilson rackets. For example, Tommy Peric he is 400 ATP. He is using racket of Federer. Everybody started to play with new models.

Other racket, which I'm using and some other people, is babolat (official racket of Andy Roddick). I like this racket pretty much. Its 315grams and I use strings Pro Hurricane. I'm the one who play that racket. Other players prefer 300 grams Babolat.( new model). I can tell u difference: Wilson racket has much control and babolat - more powerful racket with a little control. Its more easy to serve with this racket.

Other racket is Head. Now in academy some players play Head prestige flexpoint. And some people started to try new racket of Head (Ljubicic and other players are using this racket).
All players have the style for rackets. For example, if you are a baseliner player. I think Tecnifiber,Head, babolat, Prince (aero) is really good rackets for baseline. If you are a player who use more power. Its good to use babolat, yonex,head and some models of Wilson. If u are more control player, you prefer playing on baseline, do passing shots and sometimes go to the net. Wilson, prince and maybe Yonex. Thatís it I think. If you have more question. I can ask on them.

Bye and goodluck
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