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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
Yeah I order from there as well, quality mostly good, but good to know, I thought about getting that one, but I'll think I'll pass after what you said.
Get anything else lately? Just trying to see if there are other matches I should avoid(though even the sub-par ones I've gotten I didn't mind so much, since they involve favorite players/matches
I've mostly gotten major matches from the 1980s which probably you've seen. Borg, Wilander, Lendl, McEnroe. The only others I got which I thought were poor quality, but better than Cash-Pernfors, were two McEnroe-Lendl matches: 1988 French and 1989 Dallas WCT. But for those who want to see those matches, the copies are more than adequate. Not so for collectors looking for high quality, though.
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