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Eh wouldn't say Muster like. He had a really solid all court game as well. Hell of a damn fine doubles player. Even played with Stich a bit here and there. His forehand, was itneresting, he took the racket back horizontal to the court and whipped through it. His backhand, a bit like Nadal in the way he seriously met the ball out front with western grips. Had a decent serve as well. For a small guy, he routinely hit the low 120s, 11Xs on it. Back when we had the Hamlet Cup here on Long Island, I was working court crew one year. He smashed a frame during practice, which I picked up. Later on got him, Stich, Edberg and someone else to autograph it. He laughed at it when I brought it to him. Still remember him saying I wonder who was going to get it. Really ace guy.
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