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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
Court has more titles.

It's not about quantity but quality in the GOAT race.

22 slams in open era, a Golden Grand Slam (plus a non-calendar-year GS), a record 8 year-end #1's, each blue-chip slam (FO, wim, USO) won at least 5 times ....

Yes, quality does matter. If you're going to discount Court's slams, then you might as well disregard anything Steffi won past Wimbledon 1992. Because anything after that was against a field void of Steffi's peer group of all time greats. The best players she beat were Hingis and Aranxta, neither of which were top 10 all time. Court, Evert, and Navratilova all had to face top 5 all time greats every single year of their careers, along with 2nd and 3rd tier great that are superior to or the equal of Hingis, Sanchez, Sabatini, and Novotna..
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