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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post

Which 2nd and 3rd tier greats did Navi play every single year of her career which were superior to Hingis, Sanchez, Sabatini??


Goolagong and Austin are at least equal to Hingis. In fact, considering the competition each of those players faced, its more than fair to rank Gooly higher. Wade is superior to Gaby (3 slams to 1), and Mandlikova is equal to or superior than Sanchez (take Mandlikova out of C&M's prime and put her in Sanchez's era and see what happens). She also had to deal with Court, King, and Evert as well as Seles and Graf. And she won the vast majority of her matches (even in her late 30's) against the likes of Novotna, Sanchez, and Gaby.

Graf played Martina, Evert, Mandlikova, Sabatini, Seles, Sanchez, Hingis, Pierce, Majoli, Davenport, Williams, and Novotna.

That's not even a contest. Martina played far more all time greats than Steffi did. And she played more top tier all time greats by far.
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