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Becker became very stubborn later in his career and seemed to want to stay at the baseline a lot more than when he was younger for some strange reason. I remember several commentators commenting on that and how much that tactic was hurting him. Becker definitely wasn't a baseliner and was never going to beat Agassi from it.
the thing is becker was always stubborn. his first coach, gunther bosch, mentioned that becker was very stubborn. he wanted to beat an opponent at his own game. he wanted to beat edberg playing s/v, and he wanted to beat wilander playing baseline.

the funny thing is, in his early matches against agassi, becker used his stubbornness the other way. basically, he wanted to prove that his s/v game can withstand agassi's returns and passing shots. later on, his stubbornness combined with his fear for agassi's returns, made him play from the baseline. the two times he played his natural game (1995 wim SF, 1995 USO SF), he nearly beat agassi both times.

how does one explain becker's record against courier, as opposed to edberg's record against courier ? i mean, apart from that 1991 USO F, courier totally owned edberg. But becker has a 5-1 record over courier. I mean, considering that edberg had the best kick serve, and the best volleys in the game, great BH, excellent movement, he should've dominated courier.

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