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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
Top players almost always lose to journeywomen like Nagelsen, Hanika (Navi in 80/81) Jordan, Horvath, Jordan, Kohde (Navi in 82-86) Neiland, Garrison, Zvereva (Navi in 87-89), deSwardt, Coetzer (Graf in 93-96) now and then.

Why did Navi lose more tennis matches in 87-89 and 80/81 compared to 82-86?
Because in 80/81 (King, Austin, Jaeger) and 87-89 (Graf, Sabatini) she had also considerable NON-journeywoman opposition which she didn't have in 82-86.

Again for the intellectually challenged:

1980/81: losses to
a) Evert
b) King, Austin, Jaeger
c) some journeywomen

1982-86: losses to
a) Evert
b) some journeywomen

1987-89: losses to
a) Evert
b) Graf, Sabatini
c) some journeywomen

In 82-86 there were no Kings, Austins, Jaegers, Grafs, Sabatinis.
So Navi had less losses. And not because those years were her peak and in 87-89 she was over-the-hill.


Well, the simple explanation is that she lost more matches in 80/81 because she was still not pushing herself as a player. In the book The Rivals, a Navratilova "practice" in 81 is described as Martina going out, hitting a few balls, saying hi to people, and walking around the tournament grounds. Nancy Lieberman was horrified. It wasn't until 82 that Navratilova made a concerted effort to reach her potential. That explains a lot of the losses in those yeras.

As for 87-89, if you can't acknowledge that Martina was, by that time, fading physically as a player, there really isn't much worth discussing.
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