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Originally Posted by Arafel View Post
Well, the simple explanation is that she lost more matches in 80/81 because she was still not pushing herself as a player. In the book The Rivals, a Navratilova "practice" in 81 is described as Martina going out, hitting a few balls, saying hi to people, and walking around the tournament grounds. Nancy Lieberman was horrified. It wasn't until 82 that Navratilova made a concerted effort to reach her potential. That explains a lot of the losses in those yeras.

As for 87-89, if you can't acknowledge that Martina was, by that time, fading physically as a player, there really isn't much worth discussing.

So do I get this right:
Before 1982 (when King, Stove, Austin, Jaeger were still around) Navi "wasn't pushing herself as a player"?
And after 1986 (when Graf took over women's tennis) she was "fading physically as a player"? Although she had a 67-3 winning streak in 1989/90 with those 3 losses all coming against Graf?

How convenient ....

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