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Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
Wade won her slams mostly against recreational players. Only a handful of serious competition back then.

Sabatini had to cope with Navratilova, Graf, Sanchez, Seles.
Take her back in time to the 70ies and she would have won 8+ slams for sure.

Are you crazy? Wade won her U.S Open title over a women named Billie Jean King in the final. Ever heard of her? 12 slam singles titles, including 6 Wimbledon singles titles. 20 total Wimbledon titles counting doubles, tied with Navratilova for most. 3 of the 4 slams in 1972, only missing the Australian Open. Yeah she was pretty good.

Wade won Wimbledon beating some gal named Chris Evert in the semis. Y know #2 all time in matches and tournaments won behind Navratilova, most U.S Opens in Open era, most French Opens in history, 18 singles slams. Yeah she was pretty good too.

Wade won the Australian Open over someone named Evonne Goolagong in the final. You know the Evonne that won the French Open and Wimbledon at age 19, ripping the #1 ranking away from Court and King at that tender age. The Evonne who won Wimbledon 9 years apart, 1971 at 19 and 1980 at 28. The Evonne who reached 4 straight U.S Open finals. The Evonne who most formidable in Australia where she won 4 straight titles, the place Wade took her down in the final to win this particular slam.

No player who won only 1 slam title in any era would have won 8 in another, to argue so on any player is ridiculous. You can debate various competition levels and such but to some point you either have it or you dont. Players like Sabatini, Sukova, Novotna, Martinez, Shriver, Jaeger, end up as either 1 time or best players not to win slam titles for a reason. They are good but they just dont quite have what it takes.

If Shriver and Jaeger were good enough they would have beaten Navratilova and Evert to win some slams If Sabatini and Novotna were good enough they would have beaten Graf and Seles to win multiple slams. They didnt, they just arent quite good enough. There is no arguing them winning a truckload of slams in another era, maybe arguing them winning 1 or 2 more depending on your view, but to argue 8 or more is nonsense.
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