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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
Really? I haven't heard it. I think Lendl had lost 3 slam finals at that point so I can see why somebody would feel that way about him. Who else could you say that about? Pioline?
What I meant was announcers always use that phrase about the "best player never to win a major" if he could only win his first then the second, third etc. would be easier. Just like winning your first tournament. Winning the first in anything seems to be the toughest hurdel. I am also talking about those "best to never win" type guys, NOT Pioline type guys. Pioline was a good player. No one thought of him as the greatest player not to win a major until he did so. When Lendl finally won his first, its true...he was in his 4th major and it was about time he broke through. Lendl was considered a special player by then. Enberg was not making such a bold prediction.

I have heard that type of phrasing from many announcers in all different sports ; "Once this guy or that guy breaks through look out!!"

I just don't give much credit to Enberg in terms of his understanding of the game. Now his voice and demenour are terrific. I really like the guy. But he is not that smart. Keep in mind, producers whisper a lot of details to these people all the time. Announcers like Mac and Carillo (I know she is disliked) don't need information.

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