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Resurrecting this thread...

I ordered a couple heat-shrink sleeves from TW, and they are huge, about six inches in diameter. Is that normal? (before they shrink)

I am thinking of using the stove method since I don't even have a hair dryer, let alone a heat gun. If I want it to end up about 7 inches from the butt, should I slide it up to around 7 and 7/8? Then hold the top while I start rotating the butt end over the stove? How far off should I hold it, like an inch? Then once it start shrinking, can I let go of the top part? hehe

Those of you that have done this, have the sleeves stayed firmly in place for a long time?

I had also purchased some balsa wood strops, and cut some to size, but that looks like it is going to be a bigger headache than i thought, with trimming them for the smaller bevels, and gluing to the frame. Also the wood is so light, I think I may actually lose more feel than with a sleeve. Heat shrink sleeve is nicely reversible. [I guess I will just have to make an airplane or something with that wood.]
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