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^I agree.

McEnroe on court still can hang. Problem is, he believes too much of his own press. He actually believes that fans come to see him lose control. He believes that the fans want to see a 48-year old version of his 18-year old self. It's sad.

The best thing he could've done was parody his former self. Had he not taken himself so seriously, or his image, then he could've been a great ambassador for the sport. IMO, the Senior Tour thinks it has to have him to put butts in the seats. But, it was my experience that he ran more butts off than attracted. Players like Larsson, Wilander, Ferreira, and espeially Cash entertain the fans and play great tennis to boot. I'd much rather watch two guys who can play act like they enjoy it than act like they're doing me a favor out there.

Genius? Idiot? Neither, I think he's a self-absorbed a-hole. All that said, he can play tennis when he wants to. It's just a shame that he's never appreciated the sport.
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