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Originally Posted by 35ft6 View Post
I said Pioline because I can't think of another guy right now who'd been in several Slam finals only to lose each time, which is where Lendl was in that match against Mac.

What he said was "you get the sense if this guy can just break through in a Slam final, he'll win a whole string of them." I've never personally heard a commentator say this. Lendl was in a unique situation. Having lost 3 Slam finals and having number 1 potential. Again, this is not a COMMON situation. Can't think of any other multiple slam winner who lost his first three slam finals.

1990 RG Finalist
1990 USO Finalist
1991 RG Finalist

before winning his first major at Wimbledon in '92.


while no longer having "#1" potential when he finally won Wimby in '01, Ivanisevic, who was a finalist there in '92, '94 and '98 before winning his only major.

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