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Originally Posted by obanaghan View Post
Martina is supposed to be the subject of this thread. MN put together an unbelievable string of losing but 3 matches over the two year period and winning every major tournament(at least once) including 6 slams in a row!!

Adding in 1982 she only lost 6 matches in 3 years!! That's 8/12 Slams won. She won more Slams in 3 years than Hingis, Venus etc EVER did.

MN is right that hard work should count for something!!

During Martina's domination period she was SO much more fit than any other woman tennis player that she felt like she could run forever and get to any ball and serve and volley all day and then she started winning everything in sight because of her amazing fitness and her confidence soared as a result. The mental side of Martina's game was more of a weakness for her than anything else but she did become stronger in that regard.
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