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Haha it is interesting to see both the positive and negative comments on this, as expected. Anyways, thanks to those who understand tennis better and can give some kind words. For those who think im not what I say, I dont know what to tell you but youll just have to look up results on the internet I guess. And im sure you understand playing points is much much different than just hitting because you have to move well and execute under pressure. This is just basic hitting. But I will say I missed like 2 balls total from both videos combined As for recent video of me, yeah this is all I got and its from about 2 or 3 years ago. Some of you are correct, I play more aggressively now although not much has changed in the way of trying to play very steady and patient, but indeed you should all understand that playing consistent and being able to run everything down is the way to succeed in tennis. Many players at any level need to realize that

Again, thanks for the compliments. Maybe someday I could get the 2007 version of my hitting on but I am a newb with this technology so probably not.
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