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The match was televised late last night in Boston. I saw most of it. It was clear from the start that Mac was overmatched. Sampras easily won the first three games and Mac was lucky to even get a point in those three games. It seemed like after those first three games, Sampras kind of let off a bit in general, but stepped it up when he wanted to win any particular point. His serve was especially strong. He controlled the points and would hit groundstroke winners after moving Mac around.

In a couple of taped interview snippets with Sampras between games and then in a live interview between sets, Sampras mentioned how well that Mac played for a 48 year old. The way he said it implied that he knew Mac didn't have any chance against him.

Overall, I thought Sampras played extremely well. Mac was clearly out of his league, even though the score was 6-3, 6-4.

I'd be curious if others who saw it had the same impressions of the match.
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