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Originally Posted by barney View Post
It was clear from the start that Mac was overmatched. Sampras easily won the first three games and Mac was lucky to even get a point in those three games. It seemed like after those first three games, Sampras kind of let off a bit in general, but stepped it up when he wanted to win any particular point.
I have the Sampras/Mac 1990 US Open match on tape, and that's the same impression overall I have when I watch it. Even though Mac took a set, it just has the feel of a heavyweight fighting a middleweight and pummeling him, almost at will.

Mac is a good player, expecially for his age, but he is definite jerk/***. I'm glad to hear Sampras is out of the gate playing well on this seniors' tour, and hope the match will show up on TTC (or someplace) at some point.

If Pete doesn't ask for a wildcard to Stella Artois then hopefully at least we'll get to see a Sampras/Fed exhibition down the line.
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