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Originally Posted by PrinceO3TourOS View Post
Good strokes TonLars what string tension do you use with your Flexpoint Radical Oversize?, I'm a fan of Oversize racquets
Thanks man, I string at the highest lb. of the recommended tension.

Originally Posted by lethalfang View Post
A top 50 DII player, as he said he is, is at least as good as an average D-1 player, if not better. There are many D-2 players drafted into the NFL every year, and those are your top D-2 football players.
Although the guy probably would beat me more often than lose, I did have a win last summer in a tournament final over a player who made the spring Division 1 singles tournament. I wont mention his name but he played #1 for Minnesota last year and did well, although this year he has done poorly due to a major injury and has played in the middle of their lineup.

Originally Posted by thejackal View Post
very good swing and contact. takeback looks a bit stiff, but that's not a big deal. i agree that results speak for themselves. what about your serve? any vids on that?
thanks, I do not have a vid of my serve, I was lucky enough to figure out how to even get this uploaded actually; im not very tech saavy. My serve is admittedly also not powerful but consistent and I place it well. I pretty much thrive on the running and groundies you see here, with recently being a bit more aggressive than back in these vids.

Originally Posted by Mr. Sean View Post
Love the strokes tony. I think your backhand is actually more powerful than the forehand. Your backhand is great, I think you can get even more power by bending those knees a little bit and accelerate up. The forehand is very good as well. It seems to me that you brush up more on the forehand than you do on the backhand. I think if you can just drive the forehand stroke even more you will be able to hit it with a lot more power. These of course are all just minor tweeks to good fundamentals that you have.
Thanks for the comments. I think you are right on all you said, and I have made some changes to my forehand in the last two years since these videos.

Originally Posted by Vision84 View Post
Am I th only one who noticed he has the Nadal butt scratch going on at the beginning of the first video?

Anyways nice consistent strokes. They look very simple. I was surprised by how early your backhand takeback was and I agree that you look quite stiff on the takeback.
I figured someone would say that! But I was scratching my back I think Ive always has a early prep takeback and compact stroke and I think that is important to do

Originally Posted by Hot Sauce View Post
Okay I wanna see topspin, Tony, all topspin! Okay now I wanna see flat, all flat, Tony!
Haha yeah it is funny to listen to him at some parts in these. He is a little old fashioned but definitely knows technique. It is funny how he doesnt like my "flat" strokes because im still mainly hitting them with topspin but just flattening them out more. Also, the guy im hitting with hit several balls into the wrong half and if I didnt hit inside out the guy would start yelling at me "forehands, all forehands!" lol

Thanks everyone for the analysis and compliments. Feel free to say anything that comes to mind, I will listen
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