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Originally Posted by TonLars View Post
Haha oh you found that from my senior season? Yeah, I had a really good match that day, it was fun. He is a good player and Gustavus is a very good team, id reccomend anyone to go there if they are looking in the area and not going Division 1 or something. Their coach is one of the best youll ever come across
Butorac winning an ATP doubles title is mind blowing. On TV, you could see that his strokes were the worst on the court, but hustling in doubles goes a long way. You could see him and Murray wanted it wayyyyyy more. I've heard great things about Gustavos.

You hit your forehand a lot like Nadia Petrova. Did you guys ever play any of the top d-2 teams? Ever scrimmage Northwood, the Michigan one?
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