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Originally Posted by cam2 View Post
I think it's funny that that the people who were the most critical here and in other threads are probably the weakest players and the better players gave credit were it's due.
Could it have something to do with the fact that we have busted our *rear end* for hours upon hours, and years upon years to get to a good level, and understand the amount of work and dedication it takes, and so would never talk down someone else who worked that hard, whereas those who have never played at a high level who sit on their *rear end* watching tv and listening to commentators who say Roddick is a serve and a forehand, and Agassi can't volley, who go out and hit a few balls with their buddies on the weekends have absolutely no comprehension of the hours of work and pain and frustration it takes, and in some little demented corner of their mind actually believe that with a little practice they could actually compete at that high a level.

I dunno...could be.

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