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I am going to purchase a property in Sydney within the next 12 months and I will make sure the backyard can accommodate a Tennis Court. For me the best surface is clearly artificial grass as I am going to add some golf holes. In this way I will be able to use the court as my personal putting range. Also I want to be able to raise the net so the court becomes a volleyball court. Or I can remove the net and the court becomes a mini soccer field. Of course you can do this with other surfaces but I don't want my future kids running and falling on a hard court or clay court.

The thought of playing tennis at night is not appealing so I will not install lighting. As for fencing I like the idea of using drop fencing which is so much cheaper and I think looks nice if done correctly. I will not skimp on the rest of the court. Hopefully I can get my wish list done for about $AUD45,000 (about $USD37,000).
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