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Originally Posted by armand View Post
...What is Mac, like 5'10? He looked like a giant next to the CSI's!
I noticed that too. Remember, many male actors are shorter than the average male. Certainly shorter than the average tennis player. John was always listed as 5'11''. I think he claims 6 feet now, which I buy.

I do not watch much television and I've never seen CSI, but I tuned in just 'cause it was Johnny Mac....BTW thanks, this thread is how I knew about it.

I do agree with Deuce, though. The man is addicted to the camera. He's gotta be thanking God every moment for his fame, and to his credit, the writers had him make mention of that last night at the end of the episode.

Anyone catch the line about John's upper body strength? And the 140 mph serve? A little stroke of Johnny's ego there, huh? Actually a lot, throughout the hour.

I felt Mac's acting (as himself) was stiff and self-conscious....which is John, isn't it, unless he is in the booth with Ted Robinson? And his performance as his lookalike was awesome, even though it sounded dubbed in with a higher pitched voice).
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