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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Why on earth would I try to justify a comparison which I think is invalid to begin with?

I will agree, actresses do have an unfair advantage over Sharapova, they're usually really good looking or beautiful. Where as Shrapova is not.

Verdict? Well they say you can't polish a turd but in Sharapova's case, I case you can; to some degree.

Evert is hands down better looking, always has been and always will be.
Are you having trouble with mishits lately by any chance, Rabbit? Maybe thinkin of switching to an Oversize 'cause for some reason you keep missing the ball lately? It wouldn't surprise me, for you must be BLIND if you can't recognize Sharapova's good looks.

Originally Posted by CEvertFan View Post

2005 with Maria Sharapova
The girl on the right looks like a "turd" to you? Is that what you're telling the men and women of this jury?? Get thee to an eye doctor, or perhaps a neurologist -- failure to recognize the obvious can be often be the first sign of a brain tumor...
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