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Originally Posted by Serve 'em hard View Post
Why didn't you just cut the grass to save on the cost of the concrete and have yourself a fancy grass court instead?

Why don't people build more private grass courts? Anyone know the economics and logistics of that?
Back in the 'old days', when my mother was growing up in Queensland, despite a serious lack of funds, it seemed as though every other property had a tennis court. All it required was a bit of ingenuity, some hard work and a willingness to take functionality over aesthetics. I see no reason why you couldn't do the same today.

The process they followed was simple. They selected a suitable bit of land, mowed it and then rolled it. As they didn't have a proper roller (some people were able to borrow one from the local cricket club) they apparently used a large petrol drum filled with water. So, as they rolled the court they were also watering it. Fences were made out of chicken wire (still available and very cheap). Nets were made out of whatever they could find and, in one case, an old fence that had been cut down to size was used. I guess they used lime to mark the court.

Mainly they used dirt courts (it being very hot year round in Queensland) but the process was similar. Find a suitable spot, strip it, roll it, mark it and play.

Yes, the bounces wouldn't have been perfect but who cares? I'm sure most of us have, at one time or another, played on courts where the surface hadn't been laid properly, that were cracked or maybe even on a bit of an angle BUT we put up with it because we were just happy to be playing tennis.

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raspell, that's a nice testimonial, man, thanks. Definitely keep us posted. I am really, really interested in this. Now to just convince my wife that we do not need a pool.
If you're interested in the Classic Clay, have a read of equinox's opinion in this thread (post #26)

As he plays mainly on en tous cart (Australian dirt courts), he has a very good base of comparison.

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