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Slice, I am in the process of putting in a court south of Cancun. I was all set to go clay even though the maintenance, language barrier and periods of non-use is a problem. I talked to a pro today who has one Clay Tech court in Georgia and is taking out two courts that he was originally going to go to Hydracourt but instead is using Clay Tech. He says he waters them 4 minutes at night, adds magnesium which really seems to keep them moist. He gave a lesson to a guy from Florida who didn't realize until after the hit that the court was not real clay. That's actually hard to believe. I'm going down to play it May 23.

there are other brands coming to America also. One is NovaCourt and I forget the other one that is from Australia. These courts have been out about 10 years and are catching on. I have not priced it yet but will have in 3 weeks. In a perfect world I would just put down clay. Most people say this new court is a little faster and bounces lower. This pro did not agree with that. He couldn't have been more pleased and talked of groups that prefer it over real clay. The other advantage is the 2 months of winter they have to shut down for freezing. There don't shut down for that. I also talked to a pro at Boulders north of Phoenix. He had good things also to say.

As to court cost, my court in Mexico will cost right at $45,000. That does not include fencing as I am doing something other than fencing included in my home price. Obviously labor is cheaper down there but cost of materials are more expensive. it is somewhat of a trade-off.

What about europe ? does anyone know any companies that could install it in europe ? Can someone give us sites that carry classic clay other than ? Im really interested in it but I don't think there are companies here in europe than carry it...
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