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Originally Posted by Craig Sheppard View Post
Man, there's a local tournament that is charging $48.88 for a singles tournament. What the heck!!!
Yeah, that tournament was looking really good to me as well: 20 minutes from my house, hard court (most tournaments close to me are on har-tru) and feed in consolation, so at least two matches.

And then I saw the price for singles. And then I saw the price for the second event: $51.00 per person. Now, normally, I like to play singles and doubles in a tournament, but $51 per person for doubles is way steep.

And doubles is single elimination.

That's right, if you want to play doubles, you'll pay at least $48.88 per person to play in a single elimination event. I can't see too many folks going for that.

Then again, this is the public facility that charges you per person to play, even when all their courts are empty, even if you are one of the taxpayers who subsidizes the place. And these are all outdoor courts.

Oh, and I should mention that they rip off the USTA leagues that play there as well.

As the tournament, I'm still considering playing singles. It's just so close that the savings on travel and food will more than make up for the high entry fee.
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