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Default Tennis Camps in Chile

First of all, apologies, guys, I was back in the UK for three weeks (I live in New Zealand) so was unable to respond to your notes earlier.

Pleepers - the Chilean set-up looks identical to the Spanish one (which is where I grew up and learnt my tennis), with most - and the best - clubs being private. Still, at least in Spain there are many academies now (Lew Hoad started it, and now there are quite a few:- La Manga, Bruguera, Sanchez Casal, Equelite/Ferrero, etc.). And the good thing is you can do a very simple search in Google and the names pop up. So, were I still be living in the UK, finding an academy to relearn to play on clay (in either Spain, or France) would have been dead easy. Not so easy from NZ, though.

I did try writing to the Chilean tennis federation - in Spanish (I'm bilingual). Their answer just proved the point about f***ing administrators' thinking that "customer service" means that customers are here to serve them and keep them in cushy jobs... I got a one-liner "look through the list of our affiliated organisations".

Anyhow, it seems surprising that - (as you say) despite how tennis-oriented the Chileans have become, particularly after Rios, and then Massu and Gonzalez in the Olympics - they have yet to set academies up with an international dimension. You've been there and know how much these countries have to offer for foreign visitors. So, the prospect of combining a top foreign holiday with the opportunity to learn serious clay tennis in the countries where some of the top clay-court players come from should have registered dollars-and-cents (or pesos-y-centavos) somewhere locally?

Still, I'd like to book a programme before we travel, rather than rely on local arrangements after we arrive. So, if you (or anyone else) can think of a good academy in Chile or Argentina, do let me know! Thanks.

Spinny - thanks, I'll copy you a note to your email address.

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